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True Business Credit And Saving Thousands of Dollars
 Funding For Your Business
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PayVUS Commercial Credit Card and 
Cash Customer Rewards

Eliminate 100% of All The Fees of Accepting Credit and Debit Cards For Your Business and Get a True Commercial Credit Card.

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Do You Have A Business Credit Card 
That Is Not Tied To Your Personal Credit

Ultimate Business Systems and Our Partner
PayVUS by Aliaswire have created 
Cash Customer Rewards Program  That allows you to not only eliminate 100% of the cost of accepting credit and debit cards but also allows you to start building credit business credit using your Federal Tax ID.

Most Small and Medium-sized business owners do not realize that their personal credit is limited by your available monthly income.  Business credit is based on revenue before expenses.

You will be issued a MasterCard World Business Credit Card with a credit limit of up to $10,000.  This will be tied to your Cash Customer Rewards Merchant Account that will eliminate 100% of the cost of accepting credit and debit cards.

Do You Have Poor Personal 
Even credit scores as low as 101 will be approved.  Business credit normally has 10X the credit limits that you have personally.  Leverage the strength of your sales. 
A Credit Card 
Based On Your 
Federal Tax ID

Not Associated With Your Social Security Number

With PayVus, you are issued a commercial credit card in your companies business name with no personal guarantee whatsoever. A percentage of your daily batches can be routed to the PayVus account to be used to pay back any borrowed credit or stack with the existing line of credit and act as a savings account. Unused funds can be used at your disposal of transferred back to your personal bank account. 
  • Cash Flow is the number one concern of all businesses and business owners.
  • Cash Customer Rewards with PayVUS eliminates 100 % of your card processing fees and gives you a business credit card 
  • Your business gains profitability and the buying power of true business credit with the PayVUS Commercial Credit Card

What Are Your Benefits?

Your business can receive up to $10,000 Line of Credit.
You will eliminate 100% of the cost of accepting credit an debit cards.
This will not effect your personal credit by applying.
Poor personal credit will not prevent your business from being approved.
Establish business credit that has up to 10 X the limits of personal credit.
Use your daily batches to pay off the credit limits quickly. 
Reduce long term debt for your business.
Your New Business Commercial Credit Card will arrive in 7 - 10 days.
Cancel your card at anytime and not lose your merchant account.

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